Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dot n.2

[lit. or fig. resemblance]

1. [mid-19C] (US Und.) a useless person.

2. [late 19C] (Aus.) the face.

3. [late 19C] (US) an attractive young woman.

4. [1950s+] (Aus.) the anus.

5. [1960s+] (lesbian) the clitoris.

In exclamations

SE in slang uses

In compounds

dothead (n.) [the Hindu bindi or caste mark worn by married women]

[1980s+] (US) a derog. term for an Indian.

In phrases

dot on the card (n.) [image of making a form of notation, e.g. on a register]

1. [1950s–60s] (UK Und.) a well-known person, usu. meaning too well-known for a criminal.

2. [1960s] a certainty.

put the dot on (v.)

[1950s] (US) to murder.

spot your dot (v.) [billiards jargon spot, to place a ball ]

[1990s+] (Aus.) an invitation to sit down.

year dot (n.) (also day dot, year one)

[late 19C+] a very long time ago; usu. from the year dot, for ever.