Green’s Dictionary of Slang

oven-dodger n.

[the implication that those who escaped the crematorium ovens of Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps were somehow doing it deceitfully]

a derog. term for a Jew.

[UK]J. Meades Fowler Family Business 211: I shall never be able to address the woman who pretended to have given me life with such justified hatred as I did Naomi in my last letter to her. ‘Darling Oven Dodger . . .’.
[UK]Sun. Times News Review 19 Dec. 14/1: [headline] ‘Mel Gibson called me an oven dodger’. Somehow it came up that I was Jewish. He [i.e. Mel Gibson] said something about ‘oven dodgers’ [a reference to the gas chambers that Bazis used to kill millions of Jews].
Twitter 21 Nov. [Internet] )))A Texan((( Why are you oven dodgers always whining?