Green’s Dictionary of Slang

snorter n.3

[snort n. (1)]

1. a drink of alcohol.

[Ind]‘The Griffin’ in Vernède British Life in India (1995) 7: Early morning tea and toast, or early evening ‘snorters’.
[UK]G. Fairlie Capt. Bulldog Drummond 177: I said I’d meet him that evening for a snorter.
[Aus]D. Niland Big Smoke 49: God lumme! Where’s Halley? Could I do a snorter!
[UK]P. Wilhelm State We’re In 48: [T]hree beers, a cider, four glasses of red wine, three of white [...] a snorter of brandy and a half-bottle of Drambuie.
[UK]J. Meades Empty Wigs (t/s) 426: ‘What you need is a nice big snorter’ [...] Big Bri brought him a large whisky.

2. a drunkard.

[US]J. Lomax Cowboy Songs 304: He’s a snorter and a snoozer.
[Aus]H. Drake-Brockman Hot Gold I ii: (She follows Bell, one bottle under her arm.) don: Well, if she’s not a snorter!