Green’s Dictionary of Slang

stone v.

[the image of throwing or knocking down with a rock]

1. (drugs, also stone up) to render or become intoxicated with a drug, usu. marijuana or hashish; thus stoned adj. (2)

Hal Ellson Duke 4: A lot of guys chew coke. Once you really chew coke it will really stone you.
[UK]T. Keyes All Night Stand 121: You go cook, quick-quick, we go now stone quick-quick.
[US]L. Bangs in Psychotic Reactions (1988) 37: Jagger makes me wait forty-five minutes while he primps and stones up in his dressing room.
[UK]‘Hassan-i-Sabbah’ Leaves of Grass 21: A Quid Deal should stone 4 people if smoked / 5 people if cooked.
[Aus]R.G. Barrett Real Thing 154: They’re all male plants [...] It wouldn’t stone a budgerigar.
[US]H. Harrison Bill [...] on the Planet of Robot Slaves (1991) 37: Captain Bly [...] has stoned himelf unconscious on that cheap drek he smokes.
[US](con. 1969) N.L. Russell Suicide Charlie 151: One thing we knew for certain was that the NVA was into junk. Sometimes we found bags of the stuff on dead assault troops. Stone ’em up before they hit the wire.

2. in fig. use, to create the same effect without drugs.

[US]M. Shulman Rally Round the Flag, Boys! (1959) 46: ‘You stone me,’ she said fondly. ‘I mean you drive me ape.’.
[US]T. Dorsey Florida Roadkill 235: It stoned Serge on a depressing déjà vu he got whenever Key West was cold.

3. (US) to criticize.

[US]N. Algren Man with the Golden Arm 225: Quit stonin’ yourself. You ain’t that sick.

4. (US) to cause trouble for.

[US]H. Ellison Web of the City (1983) 10: He was in Pancoast’s custody, and any infraction of the rules would stone him good.

In phrases

stone up (v.)

see sense 1 above.

SE in slang uses

In exclamations

stone me! (also god stone me! stone me up a gum tree!) [SE stone, to throw stones at]

an excl. of surprise.

[UK]J. Curtis They Drive by Night 15: What you transport blokes want to get married for I don’t know. Stone me if I do.
[UK]G. Kersh Night and the City 27: Gord stone me over the ’urdles.
[UK]‘Henry Green’ Caught (2001) 64: But stone me up a bloody gum tree, thank God I got a job on land.
[UK]F. Norman Fings I i: Well, stone me.
[UK]T. Keyes All Night Stand 75: Well, stone me, I suppose it was some sick kraut joke.
[UK]F. Norman Dead Butler Caper 61: ‘Stone me,’ said Hotpants [...] ‘You don’t half look a sight.’.
[UK]J. Sullivan ‘A Losing Streak’ Only Fools and Horses [TV script] Stone me! Never mind.
[UK]S. Bell If... 9 May in If Files (1997) 150: Stone me! It’s the P.L.P. – Look at them all!
[UK]N. ‘Razor’ Smith A Few Kind Words and a Loaded Gun 124: Stone me, they’re getting into it young nowadays!
stone the crows! (also God speed the crows! love the crows! stone the lizards!)

(orig. Aus./N.Z.) an excl. of surprise, wonder, alarm.

[[UK]G. Gascoigne (trans.) Supposes IV ii: If I get a stone I will scare the crows with you].
[Aus]C.H. Thorp Handful of Ausseys 199: A Billjim, if questioned upon this matter, would quickly give his version. ‘Gord speed the crows!’ he would ejaculate.
[NZ]N.Z. Observer 1 May 18/1: Stone the crows, Fatty, what did they give you the Military Medal for?
[Aus]C.J. Dennis ‘The Knight’s Return’ in Rose of Spadgers 98: Black eye? An’ wot a nose! / Oh, stone the crows!
[Aus]‘Banjo’ Paterson Shearer’s Colt 10: ‘Stone the crows!’ said the trainer, ‘why, it’s Dear Boy Dickson!’.
[Aus](con. 1830s–60s) ‘Miles Franklin’ All That Swagger 373: Love the crows, Mar! ain’t you heard the windows rattling fit to split. [Ibid.] 395: Stone the crows! A beetle or a windmill!
[Aus]Townsville Daily Bull. 20 Jan. 2/5: Stone the lizards, wasn’t I wild.
[Aus]L. Glassop We Were the Rats 74: ‘God stone the bleedin’ crows,’ he snarled.
[UK]C. Day Lewis Otterbury Incident 65: Cor stone the crows, ’ave a ’eart, young gents.
[Aus]T.A.G. Hungerford Riverslake 160: Stone the blasted crows, ain’t there any Aussies in this damn dump?
[NZ]N. Hilliard Maori Girl 146: ‘Stone the crows!’ he thought.
Worlds of If Jan. 128/2: So, Mr. Editor, - keep printing, keep up the great stories and, stone the crows, mate, keep IF rolling... (Miss) Dianne Hall-Clarke[...] Caringbah, Sidney [sic.], N.S.W., Australia.
[Aus]B. Wannan Fair Go, Spinner 10: ‘Stone the lizards!’ howled the farmer.
[UK]Galton & Simpson ‘Cuckoo in the Nest’ Steptoe and Son [TV script] Stone the flaming crows, I forgot all about you.
[UK]J. Sullivan ‘The Miracle of Peckham’ Only Fools and Horses [TV script] Struth! Stone the crows!
[Aus]R.G. Barrett White Shoes 264: Stone the bloody crows, Les! You’re not bad.
[Ire]P. Howard PS, I Scored the Bridesmaids 89: Strewth, mate, stone the crows, G’day.