Green’s Dictionary of Slang

ragged-ass n.

also raggedy-ass, raggedy-pants
[-ass sfx]

(mainly US) a disreputable, seedy, run-down person.

[[US]N.-Y. Commercial Advertiser 18 Mar. 3/2: A Wreck. – Stranded on the island known by the name of Ragged-Ass, lying at the south of Manticus (Hancock county)].
[US]‘Dean Stiff’ Milk and Honey Route 38: A western contractor is known as ‘Ragged [naughty word] Smith’.
[UK]J. Curtis You’re in the Racket, Too 219: You couldn’t hardly expect a girl to look at you when you was walking about with a raggedy-pants like that.
[US](con. c.1967) J. Ferrandino Firefight 140: I thought I told you to shave, raggedy-ass.