Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bohn n.

[Bohn’s Classical Library; but reinforced by bone v.3 ]
(US campus)

1. a translation, a ‘crib’.

Yale College Songs in Hall (1856) 32: ’Twas plenty of skin with a good deal of Bohn.
[US]B.H. Hall College Words (rev. edn) 32: bohn. a translation; a pony. The volumes of Bohn’s Classical Library are in such general use among undergraduates in American colleges, that Bohn has come to be a common name for a translation.
[UK]T.B. Reed Fifth Form at St Dominic’s (1890) 72: In the same desk were one or two books written by a man called Bohn; they seemed queer books, for they had Latin and Greek names outside, but all the reading inside was English.

2. a studious person; thus as v., bohn, to work hard.

[US]E.H. Babbitt ‘College Words and Phrases’ in DN II:i 24: bohn, n. 1. A close student. 2. One who uses a literal translation. [...] v. t. To study hard or diligently.