Green’s Dictionary of Slang

squirt n.

1. as a bodily function.

(a) [late 16C–mid-18C] (also the squirts) as the squirt, diarrhoea.

(b) [20C+] (orig. US) ejaculation; semen.

(c) [1960s] (Aus.) an act of vomiting.

(d) [1960s+] an act of urination.

2. as a person, usu. derog.

(a) [early 18C; mid-19C+] (orig. US) a dandy, a fop.

(b) [mid-19C+] (also pop-squirt) a small, insignificant person or, occas., place or thing.

(c) [1920s] a general insult, irrespective of size.

3. [mid-19C] (US campus) a showy recitation.

4. [mid-19C] champagne [it squirts from the bottle].

5. [mid–late 19C] a doctor, a chemist [their use of syringes].

6. in context of weaponry.

(a) [mid-19C–1950s] (later use mainly Aus.) a revolver; also attrib. [it squirts bullets].

(b) [1910s] (Aus.) a bayonet.

(c) [1950s] gunfire.

7. [mid-19C; 1920s+] very cheap but still effective beer [it squirts from the beer-tap].

8. [1960s] (N.Z.) petrol [it squirts from the pump].

9. [2000s] (US drugs) an injectable narcotic.

In derivatives

squirtish (adj.)

[mid-19C] (US campus) ostentatious.

In compounds

squirt game (n.)

[1920s+] drinking the cheapest forms of alcohol for intoxication’s sake alone.

squirt gun (n.)

[1980s] a water pistol.

In phrases

do a squeeze and a squirt (v.) [note Williams for 17C/18C use of squirt to mean ejaculate]

[late 19C] to have intercourse.

head squirt (n.)

[1910s] (US) an important figure, a manager.

on the squirt

[2000s] (Aus.) out drinking.

squirt ’n’ spurt (n.)

[1990s+] (US) masturbation; thus play squirt ’n’ spurt v., to masturbate.

wild squirt (n.)

[late l7C–early 19C] diarrhoea.