Green’s Dictionary of Slang

chink n.2

the vagina.

[UK]Florio Queen Anna’s New World of Words n.p.: Fesso [...] a woman’s priuy chinke, quaint, or water-box.
[UK] ‘Honest Mens Resolution’ in Rump Poems and Songs (1662) ii 200: Let’s do ’um like men, quoth Dan, / Let’s fill up their Chincks.
[UK] ‘The Petticoate wagge’ in Ebsworth Westminster Drolleries (1875) ii 14: Many a chinke Is unstopt, that were better clos’d.
[UK]C. Walker Authentick Memoirs of Sally Salisbury 68: With Eye intent, each Sportsman took his Aim; / The merry Chuck-Hole border’d on the Rump [...] Within her tufted Chink, the Guineas shone.
‘Philogynes Clitorides’ Frutex Vulvaria 8: [The woman-tree] has a natural Fissura or Chink in the Middle, much like the Eye which we shall see in some Trees, which opens spontaneously when the Arbor Vitae is to be grafted upon it.
[UK]Cleland Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (1985) 118: He gave us rather a glimpse than a view of that soft narrow chink, running its little length downwards, and hiding the remains of it between her thighs.
[UK]Nunnery Amusements 14: Speechless she lies – as spending females use, / And the warm tide her juicy chink bedews.
[UK] ‘My Grandmother’s Tale’ in Pearl 11 May 15: ‘Did you ever hear any name for this little chink, May?’ ‘Yes, dear, cunt.’.
[UK]Farmer Vocabula Amatoria (1966) 85: Crevasse, f. The female pudendum; ‘the chink’.
[UK]Forbidden Fruit n.p.: She commenced rubbing the nose of my machine in a moist sort of chink embowered in the silky hair at the bottom of her stomach.

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