Green’s Dictionary of Slang

fucked adj.1

[fig. uses of fuck v. (1)]

1. [1920s+] of people, exhausted, unhappy, wretched.

2. [1920s+] cheated, tricked, defeated, deceived.

3. [1940s+] of things, broken, out of order, ruined, spoilt.

4. [1950s+] in serious trouble.

5. [1960s+] intoxicated by a drug or drink.

6. [1960s+] lacking in good sense, crazy.

7. [1960s+] very bad, offensive, rotten, unfair.

8. [1970s+] psychologically maladjusted.

9. [1980s+] bothered, usu. in negative, e.g. I’m not fucked, you have it.

In compounds

fucked duck (n.)

[1930s–60s] (US) one who is about to die or doomed to die.

In phrases

fucked by the fickle finger of fate

[1940s+] (orig. US) a phr. describing a victim of adverse circumstances, bad luck.

fucked off (adj.)

[1940s+] annoyed, furious.

fucked out (adj.)

1. [mid-19C+] exhausted by an excess of sex.

2. [1940s+] (orig. US) exhausted.

fucked over (adj.) [1970s+]

1. suffering (not always painfully) from the use of drugs or alcohol to excess.

2. unpleasant, rotten, sick, dazed.

fucked to a fair-thee-well

[1980s+] (US) ruined beyond repair.

fucked up (adj.)

see separate entry.

fucked with no Vaseline [the use of Vaseline to facilitate sexual (usu. anal) intercourse]

[1990s+] suffering extreme physical or emotional pain.

get fucked (v.)

see separate entries.

In exclamations

I’ll be fucked! (also I’ll be frigged!)

[1950s+] a general excl. of surprise, frustration, anger etc.