Green’s Dictionary of Slang

moonshine n.

[the content of alcoholic moonshine differed as to the county, in Sussex and Kent it referred to white brandy, in Yorks. to gin]

1. [mid-17C+] nonsense, a trifle, nothing at all; flattery, humbug; also as bag of moonshine, moonshine in the mustard pot.

2. [late 18C+] (also m.s.) illicitly distilled or contraband liquor [fig. use of sense 1 above].

3. [20C+] adulterated liquor.

4. [1950s] (US) rice.

In phrases

mouthful of moonshine (n.)

[late 18C–late 19C] nonsense.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

moonshine darlin’ (n.)

[1950s] (W.I.) a party to which anyone can come as long as they contribute food or drink. It is held outdoors under the light of the moon.