Green’s Dictionary of Slang

compute v.

[lit. ‘add up’. Popularized in 1964 CBS-TV series My Living Doll. Note mid-17C–18C SE compute, to estimate, to reckon, to take account of, to take into consideration]

(orig. US) to work out; usu. in negative phr. that doesn’t compute.

[US]My Living Doll [CBS-TV] I’m sorry, but that does not compute [HDAS].
Clarion Mag. [Internet] 1 May [headline] Error! Error! That Does Not Compute!
[US]D. Mueller ‘One Smart Cat’ [Internet] Julie Newmar [...] had her own TV show in the mid-60’s called ‘My Living Doll’. She played a sexy, female robot who did anything that she was told [...] If she got an order that she didn’t understand, she would say in a monotone, ‘Does-not-compute.’.