Green’s Dictionary of Slang

morf n.

also morph, morpho


[US]H. Green Actors’ Boarding House (1906) 196: Now this guy’ll take a shot [...] the old morph, y’know Gov’nor – or he’ll hit the stem.
[US]Jackson & Hellyer Vocab. Criminal Sl. 60: M, or Morph, used by morphine fiends. Sulphate of morphia.
[Aus]Truth (Brisbane) 22 June 12/3: ‘ I know a once capable professional man who uses 30 grains a day. Every penny he can secure goes in buying 'morph. sulph’.
[US]J. Black You Can’t Win (2000) 160: About a spoonful of water and some of their meager store of ‘morph’ were put in the tin box.
[US]J. Tully Shadows of Men 200: I was loaded up all the time on morph’ an’ coke – a-sniffin’ it till it’d go clear down to my belly an’ roll my brain over.
[US]E. Hunter ‘. . . Or Leave It Alone’ in Jungle Kids (1967) 64: Even better than the morph Harry the Horse had laid on me.
[US]R.R. Lingeman Drugs from A to Z (1970).
[US]E.E. Landy Underground Dict. (1972) 134: morph. [...] Morphine.
[US]D.E. Miller Bk of Jargon 338: morf, morpho: Morphine.
[NZ]G. Newbold Big Huey 12: Ya wouldn’t be interested in a bit of morph would ya?
[Aus]L. Davies Candy 205: Heaps of morph in the flask, a good-looking cook.
[US]ONDCP Street Terms 15: Morf [...] Morpho — Morphine.
[US]A. Mariello ‘Dirty Dictionaries’ on Weekly Dig 🌐 He’s as thick as pig shit, but we like him anyway cos he always brings the megg and the morph, and he usually has surprises up his brown highway.