Green’s Dictionary of Slang

sock v.1

[ety. unknown]

1. [late 17C+] to hit, to punch; thus sock into/up v., to assault, to beat.

2. [mid-19C] (US) to knock someone’s hat over their head.

3. [late 19C] (US) to throw.

4. [late 19C–1900s] (US) to pay; to treat someone to something.

5. [late 19C–1970s] to thrust an object.

6. [20C+] in fig. use, to ‘hit’.

7. [1900s] (US) to give.

8. [1910s–60s] (Aus., also sock away, sock back, sock down) to drink (alcohol).

9. [1920s+] to demand, to extort; to fine; often as sock for.

In phrases

sock in (v.)

to present, to put forward.

sock it on (v.)

[20C+] to wager money.

sock it to (v.)

see separate entry.

sock the clock (v.)

[1930s+] to register on the time clock.