Green’s Dictionary of Slang

pilgrim n.1

1. a person, usu. in the context of a place or country other than their own; also as a term of address.

[UK]L. Swinburne in Scribner’s Monthly II 508: Pilgrim and ‘tenderfoot’ were formerly applied almost exclusively to imported cattle, by a natural transference they are usually used to designate all new-comers, tourists, and business-men [F&H].
[US]E.L. Wheeler Deadwood Dick in Beadle’s Half Dime Library I:1 80/1: A green pilgrim is the first to get salted.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 22 Dec. 7/3: Well, when our officers called on all the men willing to join the new police to step out from the ranks, the result was ‘nixy,’ for not a pilgrim budged an inch.
[US]P.A. Rollins Cowboy 70: Say, stranger, let me give you some advice. You’re a pilgrim. Excuse me, that there just means you’re new to this country.
[US]O. Strange Sudden 10: Yu took three hundred from a pilgrim in this room las’ night.
[US]O. Strange Sudden Takes the Trail 17: Slick work, marshal. What you done with the pilgrim?
[US]R.S. Spears ‘A 22-Gun Ranger Walks’ Texas Rangers Jan. [Internet] ‘Pilgrim!’ the voice said, ‘don’t git nervy— We’re hongry, too!’.
[US]J. Blake letter 27 Mar. in Joint (1972) 58: This pilgrim may not be the smartest around, but he is going to be the wariest.
[US]Bellah & Goldbeck Man Who Shot Liberty Valance [film script] Tom Doniphon: Hold it, Pilgrim. I said you, Liberty; you pick it up. [Ibid.] Hey, pilgrim! You forgot your pop-gun!
[US](con. 1949) J.G. Dunne True Confessions (1979) 263: I can patch tires like a son of a bitch, let me help you out, Pilgrim, with your flat.
[US](con. c.1970) G. Hasford Short Timers (1985) 56: Listen up, pilgrim. You skating again?
Jackson Hole Guide (MT) 9 Oct. 16/1: ‘Best come along, Pilgrim’.
[US](con. c.1970) G. Hasford Phantom Blooper 21: ‘Listen up,’ I say, doing my famous impression of the voice of John Wayne. ‘This is no shit, pilgrim.’.
[UK] T. Pratchett Men at Arms (1994) 83: ‘It’s me, Lance-Constable Cuddy.’ ‘Yes, pilgrim?’.

2. a conventional person.

[US]Hecht & Bodenheim Cutie 13: ‘God,’ said our one-eyed Pilgrim [...] ‘has smote me for my sins.’.
[US]B. Hamper Rivethead (1992) 80: He was just gonna have to quit actin’ like such a swell pilgrim.
[US]J. Stahl Permanent Midnight 177: Actual sit-down-and-grind-out-a-novel pilgrims.

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