Green’s Dictionary of Slang

white n.

1. with reference to silver money.

(a) [early 19C] (UK Und.) a counterfeit shilling.

(b) [late 19C+] (Aus.) a shilling.

2. with ref. to intoxicating drinks.

(a) [19C–1920s] gin.

(b) [1930s] (US) any form of alcohol.

(c) [1950s] (Aus.) methylated spirits.

3. with ref. to the colour of various drugs.

(a) [20C+] morphine, heroin.

(b) [1930s+] (orig. UK Und.) cocaine.

(c) [1960s+] amphetamine.

(d) [1980s+] crack cocaine; also attrib.

4. (US) a white-wall tyre.

SE in slang uses

In phrases

hit the white (v.)

[1950s] (Aus.) to succeed.