Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bumble-puppy n.

[SE bumble-puppy, an early form of bagatelle, usu. played in public houses, in which stone balls are rolled down a sloping board, which is pierced with numbered holes. This is based on an older 16C game, usu. played by women, troule-in-madame or troll-madam]

amateurish whist, and latterly bridge, the level typically played in family or friendly games.

[UK]Sat. Rev. (London) 25 Oct. 520: Monte Carlo sells a harmless diversion, on a par very much with ‘bumble puppy’ or domestic whist at shilling points .
[UK]Daily News 25 Dec. S. 2: Christmas cards, and mince-pies, and another helping of turkey, and family whist, or bumble puppy [F&H].
[US]S. Lewis Our Mr Wrenn (1936) 234: She said [...] that she didn’t play Five Hundred, but only bumblepuppy bridge.
[US]Wentworth & Flexner DAS.