Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bag of fruit n.

also bowl of fruit, box of fruit, tin of fruit
[rhy. sl.]

(Aus./N.Z./S.Afr.) a suit.

[US]T.A. Dorgan in Zwilling TAD Lex. (1993) 16: Bag of fruit, that’s suit.
[Aus]G.H. Lawson Dict. of Aus. Words And Terms [Internet] BAG OF FRUIT—A suit.
[US]O.O. McIntyre New York Day by Day 25 July [synd. col.] An English actor with his checkered trousers and a seal-brown vest – the old tin of fruit.
[Aus]Truth (Sydney) 27 Apr. 6: Bag of fruit, a suit.
[US]A.J. Pollock Und. Speaks.
[US]Maurer & Baker ‘“Aus.” Rhyming Argot’ in AS XIX:3.
[Aus]K. Tennant Joyful Condemned 322: Just getting some spots off the old bag of fruit.
[Aus]Aus. Women’s Wkly 3 Nov. 10/4: You never move your bag of fruit (suit) and meat pie (tie) to the big peach (beach).
[Aus]J. Alard He who Shoots Last 124: Wot’d ya think of da bag of fruit [prison uniform] dey gives ya here? Now ya got more stripes dan if ya joined d’army.
[Aus]D. Maitland Breaking Out 73: The blast of fire had a blow torch effect [...] scorching a bloody great hole in his best bag-o’-fruit.
[NZ]G. Newbold Big Huey 245: bowl of fruit (n) Suit.
[Aus]R. Aven-Bray Ridgey-Didge Oz Jack Lang 18: Bag of Fruit Suit (clothing).
[UK]Partridge DSUE (8th edn).
[UK]R. Puxley Fresh Rabbit.
[Aus]Pete’s Aussie Sl. Home Page [Internet] bag of fruit: a suit.
[NZ]McGill Reed Dict. of N.Z. Sl. 33: box of fruit A suit. Rhyming slang from 1960s.
[Ire]P. Howard Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightdress 20: Wearing a tin of fruit that must have cost at least a thousand bills.