Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Abie Kabibble n.

also ishkabibble
[var. on US Yid. ish kabibble, who cares, don’t worry; prob. ult. synon. Yid. nish gefidlt. Adopted by the vaudeville star Fanny Brice (1891–1951), the term was picked up by America’s ‘dean of cartoonists’ Harry Hershfield, who in 1917 launched a character called Abie the Agent, based on one Abie Kabibble. Highly successful, the strip lasted until 1932. The term was further popularized by the swing trumpeter Merwyn Bogue (d.1994), who took the name ‘Ish Kabibble’ and started performing as a comic. Note also the Marx Brothers’ character ‘Abe Kabiddle’, in The Cocoanuts (1928)]

[1910s–30s] (UK/US) a Jew.