Green’s Dictionary of Slang

rag-head n.

[the cloth that each wears as a head-covering]

1. [20C+] (US) a gypsy.

2. [19120s+] (US) a Hindu labourer; also attrib.

3. [1920s+] (Aus./US) an Arab native of the Middle East.

4. [1920s+] (UK/US) a Sikh; also attrib.

5. (US black) with ref. to the bandanna or do-rag n. worn by old ladies and latterly gang members.

(a) [1960s+] one who wears a scarf or bandanna tied round the head; also attrib.

(b) [1980s+] anyone who is not absolutely up to date with current information, gossip, style etc.