Green’s Dictionary of Slang

beaver n.1

[SE beaver]

1. [17C+] a hat of any sort [abbr. SE beaver hat; note Ned Ward The London Spy (1699): ‘What are those Eagle-look’d Fellows, in their Narrow Brim’d White Beavers’; but note SE beaver/bever, that part of a helmet which when let down covers the face ].

2. [mid-19C; 1940s] (US) money; beaver pelts were orig. a form of exchange.

3. [1910s–60s] a bearded man; thus the early 20C+ street game in which children would compete to be the first to spot a bearded man and signify their success by shouting Beaver!

4. [1910s+] a beard; thus beavered, bearded.

5. [1920s+] (orig. US) the female pubic hair, the vagina, esp. in commercial pornography use; thus beaver trader, a pimp [the supposed similarity between the beaver’s coat and the pubic hair].

6. attrib. use of sense 5; thus beaver book, a pornographic book; beaver film/flick, a pornographic film.

7. [1960s+] (orig. US) a woman.

In compounds

beaver cleaver (n.)

[1990s+] the penis.

In phrases

beaver dam (v.)

[2010s] (US) to spoil flirtations between lesbian or gay people.

beaver palace (n.)

[1970s] (US) a brothel.

beaver patrol (n.)

see separate entry.

beaver shooter (n.) [SE shooter/shoot a glance]

[1960s–70s] a peeping tom.

beaver shot (n.) [1970s+] (US)

1. a close-up photograph of, or camera-angle on, the female genitals; used in commercial pornography; also attrib.

2. a chance glimpse (by a man) of the same area.

brush the beaver (v.)

[1990s+] of a woman, to masturbate.

shoot a beaver (v.) (also shoot beaver) [1960s+]

1. of a man, to look under a woman’s skirt in the hope of seeing pubic hair or her vagina.

2. of a woman, to display one’s genitals, usu. while otherwise dressed.

split beaver (n.)

[1960s+] the wide-open vagina, esp. as found in hardcore pornography; a striptease artist; thus split beaver shot.

stroke the beaver (v.)

[late 17C; 1990s+] (US) to have sexual intercourse.

wide-open beaver (n.)

[1970s+] a photograph or film of the inner labia.

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