Green’s Dictionary of Slang

butty n.1

also butt, buttie
[orig. dial.]

(mainly UK northern) a friend, a ‘mate’.

[J. Nichols ‘Hist. Leicstershire’ in British Critic & Qly Rev. Apr. 389: Butty, a fellow servant, or labourer; thus it is said, ‘One butty's wi’ t’other’].
[UK]Comic Almanack Mar. 84: It wood sirprize my old butty James to ear me nocking the ard words about.
[UK]H. Kingsley Recollections of G. Hamlyn (1891) 297: ‘Butty,’ says I, ‘who are those chaps round here on the lay?’.
[UK]Leaves from Diary of Celebrated Burglar 148/2: Joe tried hard to get excused, saying his ‘butties’ were outside waiting for him.
[UK]C. Hindley Life and Adventures of a Cheap Jack 101: William Carrol was his partner, or ‘butty,’ in the ‘lollipop’ business.
[UK]Five Years’ Penal Servitude 337: Here, Mr. Bullivant, this be your new ‘buttie,’ I ’spect.
[UK]S.O. Addy Sheffield Gloss. 34: Butty, a confederate.
[UK]Leeds Times 3 Feb. 6/4: No, she ain’t a dolly-mop; you’re clean off the scent there, buttie [...] she’s proper.
[Aus]Truth (Sydney) 21 Apr. 3/3: The Solidarity Party [...] wanted the line constructed on the ‘butty-gang’ system.
[US]C. M’Govern Sarjint Larry an’ Frinds 64: The fun he and his butty had last Fourth of July in Arizona with some Greaser feller who wouldn’t take off his ‘dip’ when he passed the Stars and Stripes.
[Ire]C. Mac Garvey Green Line and the Little Yellow Road in Mac Thomáis (1982) 158: The top-line double turn, Mick Maguire and Jamesy Byrne, / Were buttys since the days they mitched from school.
Mt Carmel Item (PA) 6 Oct. 1/2: His ‘butty’ placed a stick of dynamite [...] on a rock.
[UK]P. MacGill Moleskin Joe 133: The polisman didn’t know that he was my butty.
[UK]M. Marshall Tramp-Royal on the Toby 124: The ex-prizefighter who was my buttie from Northampton to London.
[Ire]‘Flann O’Brien’ At Swim-Two-Birds 163: This is my friend and butty, Mr. Shorty Andrews.
[US]E. Knight Lassie Come-Home 60: In that seventeen years, Joe, butties I’ve had by the dozen, working alongside of me.
[UK]K. Amis letter 27 Aug. in Leader (2000) 245: Look here, dear old butty, just you keep that 23 Sept.
[Ire]P. Boyle At Night All Cats Are Grey 62: It’s a wonder you weren’t at the Doctor’s funeral. The pair of you were great butties.
[UK](con. 1940s) O. Manning Danger Tree 148: Throwing a rock to his butty, he shouted, ‘Ere y’are, gran, you can eat ’em with no teeth’.
[Ire](con. 1930s) P. O’Farrell Tell me, Sean O’Farrell 60: There was another butty (friend) of yours.
[Ire](con. 1916) R. Doyle A Star Called Henry (2000) 146: Here’s all your butties now, she said.
[UK]N. Griffiths Sheepshagger 140: So tell us then, butt; is that true? Yewer virgin string still intact, is it?