Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cougar n.

an older (usu. heterosexual) woman who opts for younger sexual partners.

Courier-Post (Camden, NJ) 17 Oct. 6G/1: Young men’s pairings with “cougars” are no longer considered to be taboo. 20 Aug. 🌐 Janine is a feisty cougar with a slamming body and an insatiable appetite for sex!
[US]Eble UNC-CH Campus Sl. 2011 3: COUGAR — older woman who socializes with younger men.
[SA]Topix Local News (Johannesburg) 14 Nov. 🌐 Any mature cougar chubby or slender I’m here for U I am 31 years of age.
[Aus]me-stepmums-too-fuckin-hot-mate at 🌐 You’ve got this ol’ cougar all fired up.
Young M.A. ‘Eat’ 🎵 I leave with your bitch at the same club you brought her to / If she a cougar, I tell her to bring her daughter too.