Green’s Dictionary of Slang

chippy adj.1

[cheap adj. (1)]

1. hungover; thus chippiness, suffering from a hangover.

[UK]Bell’s Life in London 27 Jan. 5/4: Not theirs to feel so ‘chippy’ that a ‘Pick me up’ becomes de rigeur.
[UK]Belgravia Apr. 235: After two copious libations of the above [B. and S.], a man is apt to feel chippy next morning [F&H].
[UK]E.J. Milliken Childe Chappie’s Pilgrimage 56: ‘Chippy Old Chappie?’ Oh, don’t ask! [...] I feel – well, like a dry-drained cask, / With nought but the blue devils there.
[UK]Sporting Times 25 Oct. 1/1: He was in a state of ghastly chippiness, but with the inherent pluck of his race, he accepted an invitation to [...] shoot the ferocious pheasant.
[UK]Coventry Herald 25 Mar. 7/2: How filthy the champagne was last night! I feel so chippy this morning.
[UK]‘F. Anstey’ Voces Populi 49: Pull yourself together, old chappie, you are looking so chippy!
[Aus]Truth (Sydney) 2 June 2/6: If you feel a bit chippy, or like a sick prawn, [...] a cold shower will set you up fresh as a daisy.
[UK]Lloyd’s Wkly Newspaper 15 Aug. 14/2: ‘Well, Fred: how do you feel?’ He said, ‘Chippy, old man. Just had a boozer’s breakfast.’ ‘What’s that?’ ‘A brandy and soda, a chop, and a dog.’ ‘What was the dog for?’ says I. ‘To eat the chop,’ says he.
[UK]‘William Juniper’ True Drunkard’s Delight.

2. unwell, sick.

[UK]H. Smart Post to Finish II 74: A dozen cigars a day make one feel dreadfully ‘chippy’ in the morning.
[UK]W. Pett Ridge Minor Dialogues 262: Feel devilish chippy this morning somehow. Altogether off.
[UK]A. Binstead Houndsditch Day by Day 42: The noble captain was a bit chippy; he had been up half the night initiating a monied youngster into the mysterios of écarté.
[UK]R.C. Lehmann Conversational Hints 191: It’s because they’re ‘just a bit chippy,’ owing to sitting up late, or smoking too much.
[UK]Sporting Times 2 May 1/5: Feeling horribly chippy last Saturday morning, the Callow Cygnet breakfasted on a tulip in aspic and a soft-boiled sparrow’s egg.
[UK]E. Garnett Family from One End Street 73: You looks a bit chippy. Don’t you be sick here.