Green’s Dictionary of Slang

paddock n.

(Aus.) a theatre vestibule as used for assignations with prostitutes.

Ovens and Murray Advertiser Beechworth, Vic.) 6 July 4/2: The Theatre Vestibules [...] After the theatre is over, it is high change in the paddocks. The men are of all classes — ‘gentlemen,’ betting men, sharpers, clerks, junior officers of merchant vessels, and new chums. The women are very anxious to be treated, and also bring a number of ‘lady friends’ to join in a drink.

In compounds

paddock chicken (n.)

(Aus.) a wild rabbit.

[Aus]Aus. Word Map [Internet] paddock chicken a wild rabbit: G'day mate, just in time for lunch. Fancy a bit of paddock chicken?
J. Lambert Macquarie Dict. Aus. Sl.
J. Miller Essential Lingo Dictionary.