Green’s Dictionary of Slang

blazes n.

[the trad. fires of hell]

1. [early 19C+] a euph. for hell; esp. in various phrs. below.

2. [mid-19C] the guts, the innards, the ‘stuffing’.

In derivatives

In phrases

all to blazes (adj.)

[late 19C+] completely out of order.

go to blazes (v.)

[mid-19C+] to decline, to collapse.

like blazes (adv.) (also like all blazes)

[early 19C+] energetically, passionately.

old blazes (n.)

[19C] the Devil.

In exclamations


a general excl.

go to blazes!

[early 19C+] an excl. of dismissal, both of the person and their opinion or statement.

how the blazes! (also what in blazes! what the blazes! what the blazing! where the blazes! who the blazes! why the blaizes! why the blazes!)

[early 19C+] used interrogatively in a general excl.