Green’s Dictionary of Slang

nebruary (morning) adv.

[SE ne(ver) + (Fe)bruary]

(W.I.) never.

S.W. Pack Windward of the Carib. 103: ‘I’ll pay you back Nebruary morning’ is a nice phrase meaning ‘Let’s leave it for the present’.
[WI]F. Collymore Gloss. Words and Phrases of Barbad. Dialect 71: Nebruary morning. You can look for he to pay you back Nebruary morning, i.e., never.
[WI]Allsopp Dict. Carib. Eng. Usage.
B. Shacochis Swimming in the Volcano 192: Now de faddah come and him useless, him shiftless, him assified, him a mahn who pay you back on Nebruary mornin.