Green’s Dictionary of Slang

humpty-dumpty n.1

also humty dumty
[redup.; the two liquors are ‘humped together’]

a hot drink made of ale and brandy boiled together.

[UK]M. Sorbiere Journey to London in the Year 1698 p.35, cited in N&Q Ser. 6 XII (1885) 167: He answer’d me that he had a thousand such sort of liquors, as Humptie Dumtie, Three Threads, Four Threads, Old Pharaoh, Knockdown.
[UK]New Canting Dict. n.p.: Humptey-dumptey Ale boild with Brandy.
[UK]Delightful Adventures of Honest John Cole 16: Cole thought it was time to go to Breakfast, and treated his Master with black Jack full of Humty Dumty.
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[UK] ‘The Cannon Family’ in Bentley’s Misc. Nov. 456: Over a bowl of generous humpty-dumpty, Sam was prevailed upon to take charge of a small parcel of little articles.
[UK]Flash Dict. in Sinks of London Laid Open.
[UK]Chelmsford Chron. 26 Jan. 5/4: Old English drinks [...] Humpty-Dumpty, Hugmatee [...] Knock-Me-Down.