Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dingswizzled adj.

(US) a general excl., e.g. I’ll be dingswizzled!

J.W. Neighbour Neighbor’s Home Mail n.p.: I’ll be ding swizzled if I didn't lose the bulge o’ my heel — how's this for a heel?— before I got in.
[US]Sacramento Dly Record-Union (CA) 28 Mar. 1/5: I’ll be dingswizzled, pard, ef you hadn’t better put your words close together when you slash at me.
[US]Anderson Intelligencer (Anderson Court Hse, SC) 21 June 4/1: I’ll be dingswizzled, Betsy, if I know what they mean by onions!
Dly Morn. Jrnl 4 Dec. 12/4: I’ll be dingspizzled and hornswoggled.
[US]Eve. Star (Wash., DC) 11 Jan. 13/4: ‘Dingswizzled’ expressing surprise, comes from New York.
[US]Minneapolis Jrnl (MN) 6 Sept. 4/3: The enterprising New York Sun [...] pleads for a thesaurus of fine old English and American ‘cuss words’ [...] such beloved ejaculations as ‘Oh, pants!’ ‘I’ll be hornswoggled,’ ‘I’ll be dingswizzled!’.
[US]Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA) 4 Oct. n.p.: I fell for it like a ding-swizzled bonehead.
[US]Bemidji Dly Pioneer (MN) 25 Feb. 4/2: Here’s the cheese [...] but I’ll be dingswizzled if i know how I’m going to get the cloth off.
[US]Wentworth & Flexner DAS.