Green’s Dictionary of Slang

strange n.

an unknown woman, usu. in a sexual context; thus a bit of strange.

[[US]N.Y. Sporting Whip 18 Feb. n.p.: Let the infatuated fools of young men who are fond of the ‘strange woman’ look [...] and learn].
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Nov. 5: strange – date who is not your girlfriend/boyfriend.
[US]S. Morgan Homeboy 276: Except on days when he yearned for some strange.
[US](con. 1986) G. Pelecanos Sweet Forever 102: You don’t even want to be thinkin’ about messing with any strange.
[UK]K. Sampson Outlaws (ms.) 66: It’s not really me, all of that — mistresses and bits of strange and what have you.
[US]Simon & Burns ‘Cradle of Civilization’ Generation Kill ep. 2 [TV script] I asked about pussy. Guy told me I’d get to go to Thailand and get all kinds of strange.
[US]D. Winslow The Force [ebook] Donna Russo knows—she has to know—that her husband has a gumar on Columbus Avenue and gets strange every chance that comes up.