Green’s Dictionary of Slang

gig v.6

(Anglo-Ind.) to drive a young woman who is about to be married about the town in a carriage.

[Ind]‘Sir Toby Rendrag’ Poems 45: Fronting Chouringhee lies that famous course, / Where morn and ev’ning drives yield health and pleasure; / Where eligibles lisp forth soft discourse / To their intended – last, though needful measure: / Since, howe’er long the Dame has patient tarried, / She must be Gigg’d one week, before she’s married.
[Ind]‘Sir Toby Rendrag’ Poems 46: The meaning of being Gigg’d is to be driven about the course for a week or ten days, previous to entering the silken noose, to the stare and gratulation of an admiring public. Some wits have called this being carted!