Green’s Dictionary of Slang

assfucking n.

[assfuck v.]

anal intercourse; also as adj.

[US]A. Fettamen Trashing 46: Ass fucking. I had only heard of it for the first time a year earlier. Only after a girlfriend told me it was her favorite thing had I accepted its reality.
[US]S. Stevens Way Up Town 73: ‘You dick-sucking ass-fucking chicken-stealing sonfuckers.’ And I spit at them. I was a little mad.
[US]R. Price Blood Brothers 41: A blow job’s ten extra [...] I don’t do ass fucking.
[US]I. Alman Aural Sex 77: Hey, I’m not advocating ass fucking. It’s just one of the many sexual activities available.
[US]Madonna Sex 4: That’s what ass-fucking is all about. It’s the most pleasurable way to get fucked. [Internet] Anal Sex Assfucking Buttfucking Anal Sex.
[US]Simon & Pelecanos ‘Bad Dreams’ Wire ser. 2 ep. 11 [TV script] ‘Lay off the Greeks, they invented civilization. ’‘Yeah. Ass-fucking too’.
[SA]J.M. Maritz Govie-ee 134: I could not grasp [...] why they would not take action against the drugs and the ass fucking.