Green’s Dictionary of Slang

fippence n.

also fip, fipance, fippenny, fuppence
[the earliest example of fip is found in US in 1822 and represents a coin worth 4.5 cents; poss. considered the contemporary equivalent of 3d (see fip n. (1))]

a threepenny bit.

[[UK]Misogonus in Farmer (1906) II i: orgal.: I had rather have found forty pence myself, that I had! [...] oenoph.: Is he gone? Gads sides! this is too bad; I’ll give him his old fippens if it lie in my lot].
[UK]J. Phillips Maronides V (1678) 101: Every one as fine as fippence / And and [sic] all prepar’d to run for thrippence.
[UK]Comic Almanack Apr. 86: They cost me fippence ha’p’ny farden.
[UK]Staffs. Gaz. 14 Jan. 1/7: My back spring vent in two, vich cost me fourteen and fippence to get mended.
[UK]Hereford Jrnl 15 Oct. 4/4: All as fine as fippence.
[UK]London Dly News 31 Oct. 2/2: A coach [...] with a chap at the ribbons / Who doesn't care fippence / For his own neck.
[UK](con. 1840s–50s) H. Mayhew London Labour and London Poor I 256/1: ‘Fip-pence!’ exclaimed the lad, indignantly.
[US] ‘Rolling Home’ in C. Elliot Songs of Yale 73: I’ve a jolly fippence, a jolly, jolly fippence.
[UK]C. Rampini Letters from Jamaica 95: The negro nomenclature of coins is as follows: – [...] Fippence, three pence.
[UK]Manchester Eve. News 6 Apr. 4/3: Give me a gint wot will [...] let a honest 'ard-workin' man 'ave a quartern loaf for fippence.
[UK]Binstead & Wells A Pink ’Un and a Pelican 238: Seven-an’-fippence, a few ’air pins, an’ a hadvertisement ’ow to improve the bust!
[WI]W. Jekyll Jam. Song and Story 161: ‘Fuppence’ is fivepence, but means threepence.
[WI]Anderson & Cundall Jamaica Proverbs and Sayings 4: Two bit neber braggin’ as one fippenny.
[US]M. Beckwith Jamaica Proverbs (1970) 71: If you see fipance you know how dollar mek.
[UK](con. 1900s) J.B. Booth Sporting Times 191: On’y think of it — a ten-ounce pork chop and Ben Davies for fippence.
[WI](con. 1940s) L. Bennett ‘Mout Taxes’ Jamaica Labrish 69: An noh fegat de fip a week / Yuh get from Bungo Ward.
[WI]C. Hyatt When Me Was A Boy 17: Then yuh get fippance – that’s like half a five cent.