Green’s Dictionary of Slang

faker n.

[Fr. faire, to make, ult. Lat. faceo; cf. fakir n.]

1. [late 17C–19C] a maker.

2. [17C+] a forger; earlier uses implied in bene feaker n., bit faker under bit n.1

3. [mid-19C] a performer.

4. [mid-19C–1910s] (US) a thief.

5. [mid-19C–1920s] a street salesman of cheap goods.

6. [mid-19C–1920s] a confidence trickster, a fraudster.

7. [late 19C] a pimp.

8. a scavenger.

9. [1910s–50s] (US) a person feigning illness or injury.

10. [1990s+] (US campus) one who poses falsely in order to gain status.