Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Scowegian adj.

also Souwegian
[Scowegian n.]

(US) Scandinavian.

[Aus]Sydney Sportsman (Surry Hills, NSW) 2 Mar. 6/2: [H]is big brother proved himself the worst cur this writer ever saw in a ring; worse even than the ‘Souwegian’ [sic] lumper, who kicks the face of his fallen foe [...] or the Dago who knifes the man he closes with in a row.
[US]Sunset mag. XXVIII 285/2: I suppose he’ll hire some half-baked, stockfish eatin’ Scowegian scab to turn ’em over.
[US]P. Kyne Cappy Ricks 19: The only one, with the exception of myself, in the whole damned Scowegian crew.
[Aus]Bairnsdale Advertiser (Vic.) 17 Octr. 3/2: Ask any fo'c's'le hand what he thinks about these explosions and fires on boats and he’ll say, "Why don't they wipe out the Scowegian squarehead mob for a start?
[US]Alma Record (MI) 24 Nov. 9/3: ‘You dirty Scowegian ingrate [...] you don’t get no sixty dollars from me’.
[US](con. 1918) J.W. Thomason Red Pants 111: Damfino. Tell you what I did. ‘You Scowegian bastard,’ I says.
[Aus]Sun (Sydney) 28 May 6: Well, now, my ugly Scowegian friend [etc].
R. Alexander Cruise of the Raider ‘Wolf’ 80: Called them a lot of square-headed Scowegian impossibles, all in his own richest, ripest Scowegian.
[Aus]Forbes Advocate (NSW) 15 Mar. 6/4: Allied troops would be allowed to pass through Norway and Sweden [...] as everyone knows that the ‘Scowegian’ countries would not consent.
Stone & Taylor America’s Cup Races 113: For crew, it seemed fitting that we should dispense for a time with the proverbial ‘scowegian’ or ‘square head’ Scandinavian yacht sailor.
[UK](con. WW2) T. Jones Heart of Oak [ebook] I remember one young man, tall and thin, on a Norwegian tanker [...] He was blond, and wore an incipient beard such as young men do. Prof named him ‘Skywegian Bumfluff’.
G. Sorrentino Red the Fiend 180: All of them crammed together in the scowegian slaughterhouse they have the gall to call a hospital.