Green’s Dictionary of Slang

crawl v.2

1. [late 19C] (US) to leave quietly, stealthily.

2. [late 19C–1930s] (US) to mount a horse; thus crawl off v., to dismount.

3. [late 19C+] to assault.

4. [late 19C+] to spend a night moving from one nightclub, bar or public house to the next, thus crawling n. [abbr. SE pub-crawl].

5. [1930s+] (US, also do the crawl) to have sexual intercourse.

In phrases

crawl someone’s collar (v.) (also crawl all over) [orig. US milit.]

[late 19C–1910s] (US campus) to reprimand, to criticize.

crawl someone’s frame (v.) [frame n.1 (1)]

[1900s–40s] (US) to give someone a beating or thrashing.

crawl someone’s hump (v.)

see under hump n.1

SE in slang uses

In phrases

could crawl under a snake’s belly

see under snake n.1

crawl out

see separate entries.

what’s crawling on you? [ref. is to lice]

[1910s+] what’s the matter?