Green’s Dictionary of Slang

swinge v.

[SE swinge, to beat, to castigate]

1. [16C–17C] to drink up, to drink off.

2. [17C] (also switch, switchel) to have sexual intercourse (with); thus switcheled adj.

In derivatives

swingeing (adj.) (also swindging) [SE swinge, to beat; SE in 20C+, typically as swingeing cuts in the health budget]

[late 17C+] a general intensifier, very large, very forceful, very powerful; 17C use often describing venereal disease.

In compounds

swinge-bow (n.) [he wields a ‘bow’ so as to shoot his ‘arrow’]

a sexual athlete.

In phrases

swinged off (adj.)

[late 17C–early 18C] suffering from venereal disease.

swinge off (v.)

[early 16C–mid-17C] to toss down a drink.