Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bludgeter n.

also bludgetter
[var. on bludger n.1 ]

a street robber who uses violence; a garotter.

Greenock Advertiser 28 June 4/2: When a ‘bludjeter’ and the ‘picking-up Moll’ have succeeded in making a good ‘lift’ they immediately leave the town.
[UK]Chester Chron. 25 June 6/5: ‘Bludgeters’ are men who commit violent garotte and knock-down robberies.
[UK]Derry Jrnl 4 Mar. 4/3: A picking-up Moll, ‘whose [...] avocation is to decoy men [...] into dark passages or lonely roads, where the ‘bludgetter’ performs his work of spoilation.