Green’s Dictionary of Slang

pot n.5

[Mexican Sp. potiguaya, marijuana leaves; thus Algren, Walk on the Wild Side (1956): ‘Byron smoked too much potiguaya bush for a lunger’]

[1930s+] (drugs) marijuana, occas. hashish.

In compounds

pothead (n.)

see separate entry.

pot liquor (n.) (also potlikker) [play on SE pot liquor, the liquid derived from boiling greens]

[1960s+] (drugs) a drink derived from brewing marijuana leaves and stalks.

pot-pig (n.) [pig n. (1f)]

[2000s] one who smokes more than their share of a cannabis cigarette.

pot stick (n.)

[1970s] a marijuana cigarette.

In phrases

pot out (v.)

[1960s+] (drugs) to smoke marijuana.