Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cunny n.

also cunnie
[SE coney, rabbit]

1. (also cundy, cun-he, cunny-hole) the vagina (cf. cony n. (2)); cite 1680 used as man-to-woman term of affection (during intercourse).

[UK]‘Second Libel of Oxford’ in May & Bryson Verse Libel 374: A Fox within a cunnie-hole / Was earth’d of late, as I heard saie.
[[UK]Gesta Grayorum in J. Nichols Progresses and Processions of Queen Elizabeth (1823) III 327: The Priories of Cunnington claime to hold as of the Burrow of Greter Cuniliana, in Borough English, to find a ringe for his Highnes Knights to runn, at every coronation].
[UK]H. Porter Two Angry Women of Abington H2: phi.: About cunnygreen they surely are [...] hodge: O, let me alone to grope for Cunnies.
[UK]Beaumont & Fletcher Beggar’s Bush III i: Bring forth your Cunny skins, fair maids, to me, / And hold them fair that I may see / Gray, Black, and blew, for your small skins / I’ll give you Glasses, Laces, Pins: And for your whole Cunny / I’ll give you ready money.
[UK]Tinker of Turvey 2: When we piece vp broken wares, / We are pay’d by pretty Cunneys.
[UK] ballad in Wardroper (1969) 194: Sweetheart / Let me feel thy cunny / Take it in good part.
[UK]Wandring Whore I 6: No mony, no Cony, a Cunny being the deerest piece of flesh in the whole world. [Ibid.] IV 10: Those poor lazy, idle whores who F-- for necessity, not pleasure, and have scarce a tufft of hair amongst them all to cover their Cunnyes.
[UK]Pepys Diary 25 Oct. 🌐 My wife, coming up suddenly, did find me embracing the girl with my hand under her skirts; and, indeed, I was with my hand in her cunny.
[UK]School of Venus (2004) 44: My Dear Cunny, my little Fucking fool, my pretty litle Tarse taker.
[UK] ‘The Bee-Hive’ in Farmer Merry Songs and Ballads (1897) I 206: As under the Bee-Hive lieth the Wax, and under the Wax is Honey, / So under her Waste her Belly is plac’d, and under that her C--ny.
[UK] in D’Urfey Pills to Purge Melancholy I 322: The Charms of Cunny by Sea and land, / Subdues each human Creature.
[Scot]Robertson of Struan ‘Dialogue btwn Captain Low & his Friend Dick’ Poems (1752) 256: Because my Lord had but one P---k / To saitisfy my Lady’s C-ny.
The High-German Fortune-Teller 6: You shall not pass ere You are wed, Or else part with your Maidenhead [...] The Fellow’s willing, and does vow, He will have at You for your Money, But who will may take your C---y.
[UK]Bridges Homer Travestie (1764) I 155: For him that does the conquest get; / Shall have the fair with all her money, / Her swelling breasts, and matchless c—y.
[UK]Bacchanalian Mag. 92: The charms of Cunny, by sea and land, / Subdues each human creature.
[UK]T. Rowlandson [erotic print caption] Cunnyseurs.
[UK] ‘Jack Sheppard The Rover’ Sparkling Songster 41: Now Jack, he was so fond of cun-he, / Went to cut his master’s wizzen, / All for to give these whores some money.
[Ire] ‘Never Cut Your Toe Nails On Sunday’ Dublin Comic Songster 280: While Miss Cundy so smart, / Disappointed of having this short knight, / Without delay got her another sweetheart.
[UK]E. Sellon Phoebe Kissagen n.p.: He licked her nearly all over-her titties, her cunny, her dimpled bum, arms, face.
[UK] ‘Sub-Umbra, Or Sport Among The She-Noodles’ in Pearl 1 July 5: My fingers were busy with clitoris and cunny; the only audible sound resembling a mixture of kisses and sighs.
[UK]‘Walter’ My Secret Life (1966) VII 1443: Feel my cunny, my dear [...] it’s such a nice hairy cunny.
[UK]School Life in Paris 14: ‘What an exquisite coral-tinted “cunnie” with its plump sensuous lips’.
[UK]‘Ramrod’ Nocturnal Meeting 26: Now Ethel, get up on that chair and show Harry [...] your delicate cunny.
[US]D. St John Memoirs of Madge Buford 130: ‘Let Chinee-man kiss cunnt,’ and his tongue shot into my slit.
[US] in G. Legman Limerick (1953) 208: We had papa tutor us / To cash in on our uterus; / We park transients now, in each cunny!
[US]C. Himes Pinktoes (1989) 34: They [...] were now looking for some fine hot cunny.
[UK]J. Orton Diaries (1986) 30 June 229: Nigel peeped in. ‘I’ve come to have my cunny kissed,’ he said.
[US]‘Victoria Parker’ Pay for Play Cheerleaders 🌐 She watched Mr. Milton suck on her sweet snatch. His long, wet tongue slavered on the muffin softness, the brown fuzzy cunny, sloshing, licking like a dog going at a bowl of red meat.

2. (UK black) cunnilingus.

[UK]Fallacy ‘StopClock’ 🎵 She love fellatio but she don’t like cunny.

3. see cony n. (3)

In compounds


see also under cony and its combs.

cunny alley (n.) (also coney court, cunny court, cunny gate (way), cony-hall, cunny hall)

the vagina.

[UK]Marston Malcontent IV i: My name is Medam Maquerelle; I lie in the old Cunnycourt.
[UK]Le Strange Merry Passages and Jeasts No. 252 78: Sir William Spring having a wench in examination, upon a matter of Bast–rdie [...] she confesst it was gotten in Cunnigate way just at Cunston Gappe, a place well known in Suffolke.
[UK]Mercurius Fumigosus 40 28 Feb.-7 Mar. 317: A ladies Honour, lost last Monday night in Sheet-lane neer Bedford bury right against Smock Alley, by Coney Court.
[UK] ‘Loves Tenement’ in Farmer Merry Songs and Ballads (1897) V 26: I have a Tenement [...] ’Tis seated near a stinking ditch, / Men call it Cony-hall.
[UK]‘L.B.’ New Academy of Complements 302: If any man do want a House, / Be he Prince, Barronet, or Squire, / Or Peasant, hardly worth a Louse, / I can fit his desire / I have a Tenement, the which / I’m sure can fit them all; / ’Tis seated near a stinking Ditch, / Some call it Cunny-Hall. / It stands close by Cunny-Alley, / At foot of Belly-hill.
[UK] ‘Womens Delight’ in Ebsworth Merry Drollery Compleat (1875) 46: There dwelt a maid in the Cunny-gate, / And she was wondrous fair.
[UK] in Penkethman’s Jests II 3: I have a Tenement to Let, / I hope ’twill please you all; / And if you woul’d the Name on’t know, / ’Tis called C—ny-Hall.
[Scot]Gentleman’s Bottle-Companion 41: I have a tenement to let [...] They call it coney-hall, Sir.
[UK]The only True LIST, of those celebrated SPORTING LADIES [broadsheet] They may be heard of at Cunny Hall, in Cock Alley.
[UK]Grose Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue ms. additions n.p.: Coney Court A Court in Grays Inn. To sleep in Coney (i.e. Cunny) Court, to lie all night with a Girl. I Breakfasted in Milk Street, dined in Butcher’s Row, sup’d in Philpot (Fillpot) lane, & slept in coney Court, i.e. I had milk for breakfast, Beef Steaks for dinner, got tipsey with porter at Night & slept with a Wench.
cunny-skin (n.) (also cony-skin)

the female pubic hair.

[UK]Beaumont & Fletcher Beggar’s Bush III i: Bring forth your Cunny skins, fair maids, to me, / And hold them fair that I may see / Gray, Black, and blew, for your small skins.
[UK] ‘The Jovial Pedlar’ in Farmer Merry Songs and Ballads (1897) I 100: Kate brought forth her Cony-skins, from underneath the Staires, / They were as black as any Jet, and full of silver haires. [Ibid.] 101: And they would show him cunny skins, a white one and a grey.
cunny-thumbed (adj.) (also coney-thumbed)

able to ‘double one’s fist, with the thumb inwards, like a woman’ (Grose, 1785); thus cunny-thumb n.

[UK]Grose Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue n.p.: Cunny thumb’d, to double one’s fist, with the thumb inwards, like a woman.
[UK]Lex. Balatronicum.
[UK]‘Jon Bee’ Dict. of the Turf, the Ring, the Chase, etc. 78: In the ring, they are to be made up with the thumb outside, covering the first knuckle of the fore-finger, and a little more of the middle one: he who covers his thumb must not hit ? even a woolpack; he is then ‘coney-thumbed.’.
[Ire]Joyce Ulysses 74: Near the timberyard a squatted child at marbles, alone, shooting the taw with a cunnythumb.
cunny-thumper (n.) [lit. ‘vagina-hitter’]

(US) a villain, a rascal.

[US]Lyle & Golenbock Bronx Zoo 239: ’Bout time you won twenty, you cunny thumper.
cunny warren (n.) (also coney-warren) [SE warren; the phr. puns on bunny, rabbit]

1. a brothel.

[UK]H. Howard Choice Spirits Museum 95: To the fam’d Coney-Warren at Lambeth repair.
[UK]Grose Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue n.p.: cunny warren [...] a brothel.
[UK]Grose Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue [as cit. 1785].
[UK]Lex. Balatronicum [as cit. 1785].
[UK]Egan Grose’s Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue [as cit. 1785].

2. a girls’ boarding school.

[UK]Grose Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue n.p.: cunny warren [...] a girls boarding school.
[UK]Grose Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue [as cit. 1785].
[UK]Lex. Balatronicum [as cit. 1785].
[UK]Egan Grose’s Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue [as cit. 1785].

3. the vagina.

[US]Maledicta IV:2 (Winter) 191: Thus the mouse goes into the mousehole, the carrot is used to tempt the cunny-warren, the kennel-raker rakes the kennel.

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