Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cunny n.

also cunnie
[SE coney, rabbit]

1. [late 16C+] (also cundy, cun-he, cunny-hole) the vagina (cf. cony n. (2)); cite 1680 used as man-to-woman term of affection (during intercourse).

2. [2000s] (UK black) cunnilingus.

3. see cony n. (3)

In compounds


see also under cony and its combs.

cunny alley (n.) (also coney court, cunny court, cunny gate (way), cony-hall, cunny hall)

[mid-17C–mid-18C] the vagina.

cunny-haunted (adj.)

[late 19C] of a man, obsessed with sex.

cunny-skin (n.) (also cony-skin)

[mid-17C–19C] the female pubic hair.

cunny-thumbed (adj.) (also coney-thumbed)

[late 18C–early 19C; 1920s] able to ‘double one’s fist, with the thumb inwards, like a woman’ (Grose, 1785); thus cunny-thumb n.

cunny-thumper (n.) [lit. ‘vagina-hitter’]

[1970s] (US) a villain, a rascal.

cunny warren (n.) (also coney-warren) [SE warren; the phr. puns on bunny, rabbit]

1. [18C] a brothel.

2. [18C] a girls’ boarding school.

3. [19C] the vagina.

In phrases

go cunny-catching (v.) [pun on cony-catching n.]

[18C] of a man, to have sexual intercourse.