Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bafoon n.


1. (W.I., also puffoon) a stench, esp. a fart.

[WI] in Cassidy & LePage Dict. Jam. Eng. (1980).
[WI] in Cassidy & LePage Dict. Jam. Eng. (1980).

2. a term of abuse, fool.

Maximim Rock n Roll Oct. n.p.: To the average American bafoon, flag burning is a threat to his very existence.
[UK]L. Kwesi Johnson ‘If I Woz a Tap-Natch Poet’ in Mi Revalueshanary Fren 97: Like a black Lance Percival in reverse / or even worse / a babblin bafoon whe looze im tongue.
A. Johnson Radio Programmer Core Skills 49: He’s the one who’s the bafoon, the one who trips on the banana skin if it’s lying around.