Green’s Dictionary of Slang

champagne n.

(US) urine, usu. in the context of urolagnia.

[US]personal ad, adult bookstore Murray & Murrell Lang. Sadomasochism (1989) 50: Come drink at my fountain, drink my champage.

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In compounds

champagne charlie (n.) (also champagne charley) [the song ‘Champagne Charlie is My Name’ by H.J. Whymark and Alfred Lee was written in 1867 and was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. The original Champagne Charlie was a wine-merchant who was very free with gifts of his stock]

1. a devotee of champagne, thus attrib.

[UK]H.J. Whymark & Alfred Lee [song title] Champagne Charlie is My Name.
[UK]Sportsman 5 Mar. 2/1: Notes on News [...] ‘Champagne Charley’ gents, graduating, over ‘fizz’ paid for out of their masters’ tills.
[Aus]Ovens & Murray Advertiser (Beechworth, Vic.) 4 Nov. 6/4: He has been with Madame Cliquot, too, this veritable Champagne Charlie.
[UK]Barrère & Leland Dict. of Sl., Jargon and Cant I 235/2: Champagne Charley, [...] any dissipated man or noted drinker of ‘fizz’.

2. a debauchee, a dissipated man.

[UK]Sportsman 3 June 2/1: Notes on News [...] A dishonest Haymarket ‘Champagne Charley,’ who robs the till pay for the jewellery of a prostitute.
[UK]Era (London) 11 Dec. 10/4: [He] made the Major too much a ‘Champagne Charlie’ of the music halls, witha strain of the swell mobsman thrown in.
see sense 1.
[US]Lorenz Hart ‘Give It Back to the Indians’ 🎵 Broadway’s turning into Coney! / Champagne Charlie’s drinking gin.
[UK] in G. Tremlett Little Legs 54: You [...] find out who are the Champagne Charlies.
champagne charlie hat (n.)

a cut-down top hat with a curly brim.

[UK]Manchester Courier 4 Nov. 3/4: [The witness] was as certain of Martin as of Nugent. martin had what was called a ‘Champagne Charlie’ hat on.
Ashton Wkly Reporter 25 Apr. 2/3: The man who shot had a ‘Champagne Charlie’ hat on [...] a kind of chimney pot felt hat with broad brims.
[UK]London & Provincial Entr’acte 15 Oct. 3/1: Around him sit six sealskin vests, / Six champagne charlie hats.
champagne (bottle) shoulders (n.) [resembling a champagne bottle]

(UK society) sloping shoulders.

[UK]Sunderland Dly Echo 6 Jan. 4/2: He described Roger as having champagne shoulders [...] the defendant stood up for the jury to see the sloping shoulders.
H.E. Stannard Ghost of an Old Love 207: A little, empty-headed noodle, with champagne-shoulders and knock-knees! I can’t bear the little wretch, with his horrid, mouthing, cockney drawl .
[UK]Manchester Courier 27 Aug. 12/4: Champagne bottle shoulders, narrow hips, bow legs, and heaps other abnormalities.
Perthshire Advertiser 21 June 4/6: He recommended Volunteer training for ‘bicycle backs, champagne shoulders and feeble legs’.
S. Desmond London Pride 98: He wished them all a pleasant if inaudible ‘good night’ and rolled out with his champagne shoulders, his grey eyes set in his head and his generally ‘hard-pumped’ look.
T. Gray Peculiar Man 87: [George Moore] had champagne shoulders, and a somewhat thick, ungainly figure.
champagne socialist (n.) (also chardonnay socialist, sushi socialist, pate de foie Marxist)

one who preaches socialism but espouses a capitalist lifestyle.

[SA]C. Hope Separate Development 167: You’re a pate de foie Marxist who has ratted on his brothers.
[US] N.Y. Times 5 July II. 28/6: His politics, too, are resolutely leftist; he describes himself as a ‘champagne socialist’ (the British equivalent of a limousine liberal) [OED].
[US]N.Y. Mag. 25 Mar. 39: [pic. caption] The ‘champagne Socialist’ [i.e. Robert Maxwell] with his Labourite London TABLOID.
[UK]K. Lette Mad Cows 123: Sushi Socialists who dwelt in the stellar realms of London’s Celebritocracy.
[UK]Guardian Saturday Rev. 12 June 11: Our best-known champagne socialist writer.
[UK]Guardian 10 Mar. 🌐 Is Ken Follett a champagne socialist? As a long-term Bolly drinker, he says he quite likes the term Bollinger Bolshevik, coined by fellow writer John Mortimer, but would prefer to invent something of his own.
[NZ]McGill Reed Dict. of N.Z. Sl. 44: chardonnay socialist A tepid socialist; used by Mike Moore 26 November 1993 of those Labour politicians planning his demise as leader of the party.
I. Ellis You Lose Some, You Win One 69: At least he was ‘proper Labour’, not a privately educated, Champagne Socialist like Tony Fucking Blair.
champagne weather (n.) [the sparkling wine, served cold]

(UK society) clear, bright weather [Ware (1909) defines term as ‘bad weather’ but seems to be a mis-interpretation].

[UK]Western Morn. News 25 Aug. 7/6: The entertainment wound up with some ‘dry’ speeches, in keeping with the dry champagne weather which prevailed.
Homeward Mail from India etc 30 Oct. 1378/2: The usual glorious weather has set in [...] the so-called ‘champagne weather’ for which the Himalayas are rightly renowned in the autumn.