Green’s Dictionary of Slang

meat market n.

[meat n. (1); in sense 1c below note synon. 1910s US meet market]

1. as a place, usu. for sexual encounters.

(a) [late 19C+] (also market) a rendezvous for prostitutes of either sex.

(b) [1940s+] (US) any situation or place where people are regarded as commodities, such as a recruiting agency or a modelling agency.

(c) [1950s+] anywhere that people gather for the primary purpose of finding sexual partners, often used in universities to describe first-year parties.

(d) [1960s] in fig. use, the world of commercial sexuality.

2. [late 19C+] as a part of the body.

(a) the female breasts.

(b) the vagina.