Green’s Dictionary of Slang

rot! excl.1

[abbr. God rot!]

a general excl. of irritation, disbelief, dismissal; usu. as rot it! rot ’em! rot on!

[UK]Shakespeare Titus Andronicus V i: If thou wilt not [...] I’ll speak no more but ‘Vengeance rot you all!’.
[UK]C. Cotton Virgil Travestie (1765) Bk I 44: Where once your what shall’s call’ums – (rot ’em! / It makes me mad I have forgot ’em).
[UK]Behn Lucky Chance II i: Rot your wine, d’ye think to pacify me with wine, Sir?
[UK]J. Eachard (trans.) Plautus’s Rudens III vii: Rot me, if I don’t.
[UK]Cibber Love Makes a Man II i: Convers’d with ’em! Aye, rot ’em, Aye!
[UK]Farquhar Beaux’ Strategem V iv: Rot the money! my wench is gone.
[UK]C. Walker Authentick Memoirs of Sally Salisbury 98: Yes, Rot her, now I recollect, I believe she did once lend me a Flannel one to be Flux’d in.
[UK]Richardson Clarissa VII 215: Rot him for an idiot, and an oaf! I have no patience with the foolish duncical dog.
[UK]J. Townley High Life Below Stairs I ii: Rot it, I never save a Shilling.
[UK]Bridges Homer Travestie (1764) I 123: Rot me! but Priam’s whoring race, / Unpunish’d shan’t maintain their place.
[UK]Foote Maid of Bath in Works (1799) II 212: Ah, rot your hypocritical face!
[UK]‘T.B. Junr.’ Pettyfogger Dramatized II iii: Rot it; — I forgot to tell you, Sly’s turned thief.
[UK]G. Colman Yngr John Bull II iii: Psha! rot the workhouse!
[UK]D. Humphreys Yankey in England 49: Rot it all.
[US]R.M. Bird City Looking Glass I i: ring.: How’s your wound? rav.: Where? on my heart? ring.: Rot your heart. – Your arm?
[UK]Dickens Oliver Twist (1966) 298: ‘Rot his bones!’ mumured the man, in a horrible passion.
[UK]R.S. Surtees Handley Cross (1854) 528: Rot it, Bill! [...] what’s that rakish old nigger got his fisherman’s boots on for?
[UK] ‘Lay of the Lovelorn’ in Martin & Aytoun Bon Gaultier Ballads 17: Cuss the railways! rot, O rot the Three per Cents!
[UK]R.S. Surtees Young Tom Hall (1926) 166: ‘Rot this hunting,’ growled Tom.
[US]H.L. Williams Joaquin 131: Here they are leaving the woods [...] to meddle with us in the city, r-r-rot ’em!
[US]M. Thompson Hoosier Mosaics 37: Bust the luck! Hang the luck! Rot the luck!
[UK]Henley & Stevenson Deacon Brodie I tab.III i: Oh, rot! I ain’t a parson, I ain’t.
‘A Plain Woman’ Poor Nellie I 32: ‘R.O.T!’ exclaimed George, emphatically.
[UK]Sheffield Eve. Teleg. 4 Apr. 3/4: ‘Rot! rot! rot!’ ‘Oh, shut up!’.
[Aus]Sun. Times (Perth) 19 Nov. 5s/4: Rot the Nonconformist Conscience! / Strike the wowsers pink and red!

In exclamations

rot you!

a general excl. of derision, dismissal, synon. with ‘to hell with you!’.

[UK]Dorset ‘A Faithful Catalogue of our most Eminent Ninnies’ Works of Rochester, Roscommon, Dorset (1720) 31: How haughtily he cries, Page, fetch a Whore [...] Bring in that black-ey’d Wench; Woman, come near; / Rot you, you draggled Bitch, What is’t you fear?
[UK]N. Ward London Spy III 66: Hang you, Rot you, Sink you, Confound you.
[US]G. Hunter ‘Androboros’ in Meserve & Reardon Satiric Comedies (1969) 10: Rot ye, it was not your Cough that Carry’d it.
[UK]C. Coffey Devil to Pay I iii: Rot you!
[UK]R. Tomlinson Sl. Pastoral 9: Ah! rot ye, I see what it was you were at.
[UK]Lancaster Gaz. 6 July n.p.: Rot thee! thou soft toad!
[UK] ‘Uncle Sam’s Peculiarities’ Bentley’s Misc. IV 582: Rot ye! open de door yerself.
[UK]J. Masefield ‘Bill’ Salt-Water Ballads 14: ’N’, rot ye, get a gait on ye, ye’re slower ’n’ a bloody snail!
[US]P. Kyne Cappy Ricks 303: Then he’ll turn the vessel back on our hands [...] rot him!