Green’s Dictionary of Slang

well-hung adj.1

of a man, having notably large genitals.

[UK]Rochester ‘A Ramble in St James’s Park’ in Works (1999) 78: Had she pickt out to rub her Arse on / Some stiff-Prick’d Clown, or well hung Parson.
[UK]Rochester ‘A Ramble in St. James’s Park’ in Works of Rochester (1721) 82: Had she pick’d out, to rub her A--e on, / Some lusty Clown, or well-hung Parson.
W. Dunkin Parson’s Revels (2010) 69: Well hung they were, and in their Prime.
[UK]Grose Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue n.p.: The blowen was nutts upon the Kiddey because he is well-hung; the girl is pleased with the youth because his genitals are large.
[UK]Lex. Balatronicum [as cit. 1785].
[UK]Egan Grose’s Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue [as cit. 1785].
[UK]Age (London) 19 June 5: The Turk , and his Ladies, all held a divan, / To settle the fate of the vile English Man, / When Pacha determined to have him bowstrung, / And the ladies all begged that he might be well hung.
[UK]‘Johnny’s Rolling Pin’ in Gentleman’s Private Songster in Spedding & Watt (eds) Bawdy Songbooks (2011) III 377: Now Johnny was a strapper about six foot high, / Well hung [...] and his goods were not small.
[UK] ‘Master Humphrey’s Clock’ in Rambler’s Flash Songster 8: But gents anon, be sure your weights are well hung.
[UK]Cythera’s Hymnal 6: Some well-hung young man.
[UK]Sins of the Cities of the Plain 12: You seem a fine figure, and so evidently well hung.
[UK]Farmer Vocabula Amatoria (1966) 12: Amanché (Être bien or mal). To be favored by nature; ‘to be well-hung’: or, the reverse.
[US] (ref. to late 19C) N. Kimball Amer. Madam (1981) 110: I liked a well-hung man, and a good-looking man, one with curled moustaches or sideburns.
[US] ‘Smokey’ [comic strip] in B. Adelman Tijuana Bibles (1997) 38: I’ll admit you’re well hung.
[US](con. 1920) S. Longstreet Pedlocks (1971) 272: Stop robbin’ the cradle, kid, and meet a well-hung man.
[US]Guild Dict. Homosexual Terms 23: hung (adj.): One who has a large, well-developed penis. As: ‘hung like a stud bull.’ Also, one is ‘well hung.’.
[US]B. Malamud Tenants (1972) 145: Even though you know you are well-hung and your LBJ salutes when it sniffs ass.
[Aus]Benjamin & Pearl Limericks Down Under 42: And they all agree he’s well hung.
[Ire](con. 1930s) L. Redmond Emerald Square 115: I also thought that the Meddler, in the parlance of the Liberties, ‘was very well hung.’.
[US]S. Morgan Homeboy 247: ‘It means you’re virile.’ ‘As in well hung and full of cum.’.
[Aus]D. McDonald Luck in the Greater West (2008) 71: Ya know Leb guys are fuckin’ well-hung.
[US](con. 1960s) J. Ellroy Blood’s a Rover 26: Got a fruit gig for you. They guy likes to brown well-hung Filipinos, and i got a mutant packing 10½ inches.