Green’s Dictionary of Slang

jeremiah n.

also jerimiah
[rhy. sl.]

a fire.

[UK]John o’ London’s Weekly 9 Jun. in DSUE (1984).
[UK]L. Payne private coll. n.p.: Fire Jerimiah.
[UK]S.T. Kendall Up the Frog 20: There was everythink in it – [...] ’n’ a ’lectric Dickory Dock on the mantelpiece over the Jeremiah.
[UK] (ref. to 1940s) R. Barnes Coronation Cups and Jam Jars 162: Here, look at the Jeremiah. Gi’us that Lord Lovell, and I’ll put some more coke on.
[UK]M. Coles More Bible in Cockney 14: The dicky-bird of God was like a ‘Jeremiah’ (cockney for ‘fire’ ... clever, hey?).