Green’s Dictionary of Slang

around the world n.

also around the horn, ...universe
[the tongue ‘travels’ around the body; usu. used by a prostitute as part of the ‘menu’ of paid services she can offer]

licking and sucking the partner’s body, incl. the genitals and sometimes the anus; thus halfway around the world, fellatio and licking of the anus only; however, note cit. 1971.

[US]D. Maurer ‘Prostitutes and Criminal Argots’ in Lang. Und. (1981) 117/2: (a) trip around the world. A tongue-bath.
[US]‘Swasarnt Nerf’ et al. Gay Girl’s Guide 15: round the world: The kissing, sucking and licking of all parts of a partner’s body, front and rear, with the heaviest emphasis on genital area.
[US]J. Jones From Here to Eternity (1998) 276: ‘How about a trip around the world, honey?’ she said silkily, ‘to start off with?’.
[US]C. Cooper Jr Scene (1996) 253: A nice colored girl with a big ass and big tits. A trip around the world?
[US] ‘The Fall’ in D. Wepman et al. Life (1976) 81: She was a three-way wench, played Jasper in a pinch, / And took ’em round the horn.
[US]‘Iceberg Slim’ Pimp 58: She had never been as tenderly efficient as she took me on a beautiful ‘trip around the Universe.’.
[US]E. Tidyman Shaft 28: A couple of chicks [...] operating a tour service that will you take you around the world for fifty dollars a trip.
[US](con. 1920s) G.M. Foster Pops Foster 93: Lulu White herself could handle three men at once — one in every hole. She called that her around the world trip.
[US]B. Rodgers Queens’ Vernacular 102: halfway around the world (fr pros sl) fellatio and rimming performed without licking the rest of the body. [Ibid.] 193: take a trip around the world [in eighty ways] to lick a lover’s body — everywhere. Syn: go around the world; go all over town with somebody.
[US]J. Sayles Union Dues (1978) 188: The priest asked for around-the-world service and enjoyed every minute of it.
[UK](con. 1975) W. Sherman Times Square 354: You do a little round the world for him? Huh?
[US]‘The Master Pimp’ The Pimp’s Rap 16: Want some head, butthole or maybe around the world?
[SA]K. Cage Gayle 92/1: round the world n. insertion of the tongue into or licking of the anus, anilingus.
[US]D. Winslow The Force [ebook] She gives him a two-thousand-dollar fuck. Around the world in eighty minutes.