Green’s Dictionary of Slang

rumble v.1

1. [mid-18C-1900s] (UK Und.) to pickpocket, to steal.

2. [early–mid-19C] to handle roughly, to rule out without any discussion.

3. [1910s] (Aus.) to obtain through deception; to deceive.

4. [1910s] (US prison) to create a disturbance to distract one’s accomplices.

5. [1910s–20s] (UK army/US Und.) to spoil, to upset.

6. [1920s] (US tramp) to betray a friend.

7. [1940s+] to hit, to fight, esp. of teen gangs; thus rumbling n.

8. [1950s+] (drugs) to be searched by the police.