Green’s Dictionary of Slang

blowsing n.

also glue-blowsing
[? Northumberland dial. blow, to breathe; but note big girl’s blouse under big adj.; the image is of the stupidity of this form of drug-taking]

(drugs) glue-sniffing.

[UK]Time Out 8 Jan. 14: Black youth, comfortable with its spliffs, disdains glue-sniffing ... or ‘blowsing’ as it is often called by glue-sniffers among themselves [DSUE].
Probert Encyc. [Internet] Blowsing is British slang for glue-sniffing.
The Leeches ‘Biography’ Leeches [Internet] The ward sister explained that, due to his unsavory glue-blowsing habits, Vlad was consistently overlooked by prospective parents, and if he wasn’t sold within the next month he’d be sent to the knackers to be ground down into fertilizer.