Green’s Dictionary of Slang

gulf n.

the vagina.

[UK]Buckley ‘Oxford Libell’ in Williams (1993) II 629: Through the bridge we see ye water runne / A gulfe wth bottomles is thought.
Lemnie Complexions (trans. Newton) 101v: Dissolute lecherers ... whose whole care ... is to drowne themselues in the gulph of Sensuality.
[UK]Florio Worlde of Wordes n.p.: Golfo di setalia, the rugged or bristly gulfe, a woman priuities.
[UK]Marston Dutch Curtezan I ii: Curtian gulfes that will never be satisfied, untill the best thing a man has be throwne into them.
[UK]N. Field Amends for Ladies II i: Had I a dame whose eies did swallow youth, Whose vnchast gulph together did take in Masters, and Men, the Foot-boies and their Lords.
[UK]J. Howell Familiar Letters (1737) II 15 Jan. 336: While the Husband is abroad upon the Gallies, there be others that shoot his Gulf at home.
[UK]H. Mill Nights Search I 257: Strive T’avoid such gulfes, which swallow men alive.
J. Oldham Advice to a Painter 338: [She is a] Damn’d Gulph of Lust.
[UK]R. Ames Folly of Love 13: [Who can] sufficiently deplore, That fatal Gulph we call a Common Whore?
[UK]N. Ward ‘The Rise and fall of Madam Coming-Sir’ in Writings (1704) 397: The little Author of my pains, at the end of one long Squeak, shot the Gulph of Venus, and made his entrance into the Wicked World.
[UK]N. Ward Advice to an Old Lady, who has bury’d Six Husbands in Miscellaneous Works IV 9: [He is] decoy’d, To shoot that Gulph which has 3 brace destroy’d.
[UK]Harris’s List of Covent-Garden Ladies 30: The mature voyager to the gulf of Venus [...] stays longer in port before he pays his tribute.
[US]Maledicta IV:2 (Winter) 182: The simplest words in common use for this ‘nasty thing’ [...] are those accepting the female sexual apparatus as a simple receptacle. These include [...] gulf (hence gulf-oil).