Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dive v.

1. [early 17C–19C] to pick a pocket; thus diving n., picking pockets; thus diving hooks n., the hands in the context of pickpocketing [the plunging of one’s hand into another’s pocket or purse; thus the name of the celebrated pickpocket Jenny Diver].

2. [1930s+] (orig. US, also dive into it) to perform cunnilingus.

In compounds

diving lay (n.)

[mid-18C] (UK und.) pickpocketing.

In phrases

dive a muff (v.)

[1940s+] (orig. US) to perform cunnilingus.

dive for black pearls (v.)

[1970s] (US) to perform cunnilingus on a black woman.

dive into it (v.)

see sense 2 above.

SE in slang uses

In phrases

dive for a meal (v.) (also dive for a dinner)

[late 18C–early 19C] to eat in a cellar.

dive for pearls (v.)

[1910s–40s] (US) to work as a dishwasher.

dive into the sack (v.)

see under sack n.

dive into the sky (v.)

[1970s+] to penetrate the anus with one’s penis.